City Kids

Infants - 5th Grade

Safe and age appropriate environments for kids.
Safe and age appropriate environments for kids.

Our City Kids experience safe, age appropriate environments each Sunday morning where they learn about Jesus in a creative, relevant, and exciting way.

We fully understand that it is difficult to keep children’s attention held for any period of time. That is why we have a completely involved staff watching over, playing with, teaching, and caring for your child!

When you bring your child to church with you, our #1 priority will be the safety of your child!
We have set a system in place for your piece of mind as well as ours. Each child is given a unique identification number and sticker that directly matches one that is printed out for you as well. This way, while you are in service and your child is in the City Kids Group, you can be notified if you are needed by your child's unique identification number showing up on the projected screen at the front of the auditorium.

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